To the girl I shouldn't love

I will always remember you.
Not the way that you left, but the way that you existed.
I will remember the way that you made my numb heart beat again.
I will remember every single smile you made my way.
And how your eyes glowed with passion with every word you spoke.
I will remember the sound of your voice - Or at least I hope I will (I'm afraid that I won't.)
I will remember the excitement, the positivety and the light that you radiated.
I will always remember the way that you made me believe in magic,
The way you made me believe that the world wasn't so bad after all.
I can't seem to get the experience of you, out of my head.
And years from now, I don't want to remember you with pain.
I want to remember that existing with you was the best priviliege I could have ever had.
I want to remember the way you made me feel alive. I want to remember that every minute with you was worth it, even if you left.

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